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Trusted by more than one thousand TSPs around the world

Our customers love it! One click of the ‘Pay Now’ button on every invoice takes them right to the payment portal with no hassle. Our experience has been stellar.

Richard Harber
Decision Digital

The number one thing, is that now, I don’t have accounts receivable stress - at all. AR takes less than half-an-hour a week - 
It's almost incalculable, the efficiency that it has.

Jeremy Porter

We wouldn’t have been able to scale to where we are if we hadn’t changed our process. WisePay is always reinventing things - that all add up to make a good customer experience.

Ashley Darwen

It’s just made it more accessible for our clients in giving them plenty of options to pay the way they want to pay. Our customers want seamless, and it definitely ticks that box!

Tom Freer
Wyntec IT

After doing my due diligence with competitors and different options, Wise-Sync/Pay seemed like the best choice. I decided to go for it and they DID NOT disappoint.

Vanessa Rodriguez
On Call Technical Solutions, LLC.

My business would not exist without your tools.

There’s absolutely no way I would be able to grow my team and my top-line revenue without this tool... the scalability is what it comes down to.

Adam Bielanski
CEO, Sierra Pacific Group

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